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Rome - City of Love

If you're planning an unforgettable dream vacation, one that you will always hold dear to your heart, it can only be Rome "The Eternal City". Talk of a Rome vacation and romance comes to mind. To go on an Italian vacation and not to visit Rome is, in effect, seeing Italy without its heart. One visit and you'll be hooked." Not surprisingly, Luxophile make sure that you get to explore all the wonderful delights, this magical and unforgettable city offers, Let Luxophile plan your perfect vacation to this city full of history, mystery, romance and charm.

Luxury Yacht Charter

A yacht charter in Rome is the most fulfilling way to experience this magnificent city. You can experience different aspects of Rome in the comfort from your luxury charter yacht coastlines. The Italian coast attracts luxury yacht charters of the highest standards. Rome from a Luxury yacht is surprisingly convenient and comfortable. Luxophile helps you Charter Luxury Yachts all around the world . Let Luxophile help you find the perfect luxury charter yacht for you to experience the breathtaking scenery, fascinating history and the unrivaled Italian luxury lifestyle when on your Rome vacation.

Fine Dining

After a long day out touring the ancient ruins of Rome you will most likely show up at the restaurant for dinner with a hardy appetite. Rome has some of finest selection of Award winning restaurants.
Luxophile helps you find the best award winning restaurants all around the world. Explore the Roman food specialties before you plunge into Luxophile list of award winning restaurants in Rome.
The Imago Restaurant is one of those award winning restaurants in Rome that you find on Luxophile. This restaurant gives a unique gastronomic experience along with the breathtaking view of the Eternal City. Imago is a full fine dining experience in Rome. Its one of the most expensive restaurants in Rome. Luxophile finds you the best of the restaurants according to your preferences to make your vacation the perfect one.

Luxury Spa

When in Rome, combine a city break with a touch of luxury pampering . Luxophile finds you the best of Luxury Spa's for your Luxury Pampering. The Roman Cavalieri spa is one of them. Torn between a city break, spa retreat or relaxing beach holiday? The Rome Cavalieri Hilton can offer you a slice of all three, with a generous helping of luxury living to boot. The Grand Spa is one of the best in Europe. In the great tradition of Roman baths, the 2,500m² Cavalieri Grand Spa Club at the Rome Cavalieri Hotel tends to body, mind and spirit soothing, stimulating, and rejuvenating. Let Luxophile give the best of information of the luxury spa's all over the world.

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