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How does the app help you and Frequently asked Questions

Why should I use Luxophile?

Luxophile is a way you can easily find out places of luxury across the world, according to your desires. Let it be travelling to a new place, planning that perfect honeymoon or even just a shopping trip, Luxophile is the perfect way to find that perfect Hotel to stay, resort to relax or restaurant to eat at. Luxophile provides you with the ability to specify your preferences in terms of premium luxury, luxury and entry luxury depending on your budget. It also displays the places that you are interested in, on a global map so that you can decide based on the time you have; the appropriate places to visit.

How does Luxophile help me plan my vacation?

Luxophile displays the places that you are interested in, on a global map. So the start screen of the app is a map with flags of the number of places that we recommend on each of the continents. Choose the continent you wish to visit and then narrow it down to the country you want to visit. Luxophile not only helps you plan a visit to a particular city but also finds the places you might be interested nearby. Luxophile lets you do more. It lets you to select the kind of places you might want to visit. If you are interested in say museums and western apparels then you may select your choices in the settings menu by clicking on the appropriate categories that you may be interested in.

What do the flags signify?

The flags denote the number of places of interest that are present in a particular area according to the categories selected in the settings menu. By default all the fields of the setting menu are selected. At the start of the app, the flags tell the number of luxury places at the continent level. As you zoom in the number of luxury items at the country level are shown and on further zooming, the city level appears.

What do the icons mean?

The icons signify the type of places as given in the settings menu. We have tried to keep the icons self explanatory, but if you have some difficulty you can always refer back with the settings menu.

What does the alphabet icons symbolize?

We have tried to categorize each of the location to a category, but sometimes the luxury locations have more than one category available. For this we have chosen the alphabet icon as contained in the name of the category.

What does the blue pin on the map symbolize?

The blue pin on the map denotes your current location on the map.

What information does Luxophile provide for a particular luxury location?

Luxophile provides you with the general details of the luxury location such as the name, the website, the address, phone nos. Luxophile also provides you with details about any awards received or the brands catered by the places located in the app.

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